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Bible Based Education

We offer a program that is holistic, with balanced emphasis on developing the intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual aspect of the students' being.

Caring Supportive Staff

Our caring and helpful faculty and staff will set high but realistic expectations, pushing all students to attain their full potential.

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Safe Christian Environment 

We are committed to providing a healthy, safe, and supportive learning environment for all our students.

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Worthy Student Program

The Worthy Student Program supports students to attend Memphis Junior Academy.

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Welcome to MJA!

We welcome our new and returning students this school year 2021-2022. We are glad that you decided to join our MJA family. We look forward to learning together and witness the growth that you will experience this year! 
To our visitors, go ahead and explore our website to know more about us. Contact us for more information, check out our news and calendar, or schedule a visit to our campus, we would like to meet you in person.
MJA is a prekindergarten to tenth grade school located in Memphis, Tennessee. We offer Bible based education in a safe and Christian environment with caring and supportive staff. Our school is a part of the Adventist school system, one of the largest Christian educational systems in the world. We invite you to be a part of it too! 
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What's Happening at MJA?

Highland Gymnix visits MJA

Upcoming School Events

Mark your calendars for these upcoming school events.

  • JUL 31 

    Work Bee

  • AUG 1-2

    Teacher Inservice


    AUG 4

    Registration Day


    AUG 10

    First Day of School

Back to School Safe Plan

Daily Screening

Parents should check student's temperature every morning. Stay home if you have symptoms.

Personal Protection

Students and staff should wear masks, practice social distancing, proper hand washing, and basic hygiene routines.

Close Communication

We are committed to communicating regularly through weekly newsletter, email, phone calls, or zoom sessions.


Ensuring that our students and families are fully informed during times of uncertainty remains a primary goal.

Our Purpose


Academic Success

To make learning meaningful and practical while pointing to our Creator as the source of wisdom and knowledge. 


Physical Health

To learn to live healthy lives remembering that our bodies are the temples of God.


Selfless Service

To provide opportunity for service and to develop young people who will be dedicated to serving their God and their fellow men.


Spiritual Journey

To show students that the best way to lead is by example as Jesus did.



Children in U.S. Adventist schools achieve on average half a grade higher than the national average, and beyond their own predicted ability. This is evidence by a recent CongnitiveGenesis study reported in the Christian Science Monitor. Children in Adventist schools make better moral decisions, as shown by ValueGenesis, an earlier study.

Adventist Education Statistics

  • I have not heard much about Seventh-day Adventist schools. Are there many schools, or only a few?

    The Adventist Church is associated with over 7,000 educational institutions operating in over 100 countries around the world with over 1.5 million students worldwide. 

  • Does my family have to be Adventist for my child to attend an Adventist school?

    Absolutely not, though you and your child will gain the most benefit from Adventist education if you are a Christian or at least sympathetic with Christian beliefs.

  • Will an Adventist school try to turn my child into a Seventh-day Adventist?

    At an Adventist school, students’ freedom to think for themselves is respected and nurtured, and students are encouraged to learn how to make good moral decisions regardless of their creed or belief system. One key Adventist principle is that no one should be pressured into church membership, but join willingly as they choose. Children of Adventist parents become baptized members only when they are old enough to make the decision consciously and responsibly.

  • Are Adventist schools accredited? Do they provide as complete an education as other public or private schools?

    Every Adventist school is accredited by a state or national accrediting body. In addition, the church office of education also operates a comprehensive accrediting process to maintain a high standard of excellence in all Adventist schools. If you’re interested in a particular Adventist school, feel free to contact that school and ask to be put in touch with students and parents who attend that school to get a sense of what the education is like. We think you’ll find, as an ongoing study is finding, that on average Adventist schools are better places to learn than any other.

Why Choose MJA?

We want you to succeed.

Here at Memphis Junior Academy we choose to live out our Mission to: make learning meaningful and practical while pointing to our Creator as the source of wisdom and knowledge. To foster high standards of academic achievement and critical thinking through a rigorous and relevant curriculum. To personalize the teaching/learning environment in a manner designed to help students maximize their spiritual, mental, physical, social, and cultural talents. 

We want you to know Jesus Christ.

We want to show students that the best way to lead is by example as Jesus did. To lead students to a knowledge and love of God and help them develop a relationship with Christ through Bible studies and baptism. To develop respect and reverence for the Bible.
"And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent."JOHN 17:3

We want to build up your character.

To assist parents and the church in the formation of Christ-like characters in their children. To foster qualities of Christian character: respect, reverence, responsibility, commitment, integrity, and concern for others. To promote, via all aspects of the school program, the unique “way of life” espoused by the Seventh-day Adventist church, including its philosophy, mission, doctrines, structure, and fellowship.

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Memphis Jr Academy is accredited by two associations: Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges and the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, a member of the National Council for Private School Accreditation. The school is also registered with the State of Tennessee.

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